6 Crumbly Cheese Types You Should Know About

crumbly cheese types

6 Crumbly Cheese Types You Should Know About

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Cheese is an exciting dairy product that can do wonders to the taste of any dull dish. Whatever it may be, from pasta to pizza and noodles. Cheese has its own way to drive your taste buds crazy. While it can be clubbed in any recipe, cheese is used worldwide for different cuisines. The amazing taste cheese creates; no one would want to share a small part of from their plate, right? But are you known for the various types of cheese? Might be! If not, then keep reading and guess which one of the crumbly cheese types you had the last time you consumed cheese.

Delicious Crumbly Cheese Types

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1. Roquefort Cheese:

Cheese lovers should be aware of this blue cheese found in France and produced by sheep milk. The best one known for blue cheese is semi-hard, and the name has geographical suggestion, so the cheese produced naturally in Roquefort can carry the name. It has a tangy, crumbly, and pleasant taste. You can either consume it solely or with nuts. It has its own purpose and unique nature for which it is widely known.

2. Mozzarella Cheese:

Pizzas, sandwiches, pasta, and the tastiest cuisines have mozzarella cheese as one of the best ingredients. The semi-soft cheese is made from buffalo, or cow milk originated from Italy. High in fat and low in moisture can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a month. This type of cheese is easily available in the local market and consumed, clubbing it in salads and items if you are a cheese lover.

3. Cheddar Cheese:

This cheese is the most consumed cheese after mozzarella cheese. The US and UK consumed it in high amounts and produced it in higher quantities in the market. Originated from England, it is produced from cow’s milk. The color of cheddar cheese varies depending on the cattle and season it is produced in. Find it in your sandwich with tomatoes; it serves a satisfactory and dramatic taste. It has an interesting process of production before it is served in the dishes.

4. Cottage Cheese:

Fresh dairy products are highly popular around the globe and consumed by fitness enthusiasts as it is low in calories having diet benefits. It can be produced at home and has the other name as

5. Parmigiano – Reggiano Cheese:

The unique it got from the region it is produced in from the country Italy. At least aged 12 months to a maximum of 36 cow’s milk would be used to produce this cheese. The king of cheese is rich in nutrition; hard and crumbly cheese can be grated on salads, pasta giving it a nutty and exciting flavor.

6. Gouda Cheese:

The most popular variety of cheese used worldwide originating from the Netherlands has a crumbly taste, hard to semi-hard can be grated to level up the taste of your dish anytime. Easily available in the market, it is pronounced as ‘How-da’ and mainly classified on the basis of their ages.

Summing Up

You will come across various crumbly cheese types based on their origin, the milk it is produced from, and age. But all of them taste delicious, watering your mouth when served on the plates. So, have cheese burst day and keep reading, cheese lovers!

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