7 Swiss Cheese Types That You Should Know

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When considering Swiss cheese types, the floppy, flavorless shop cuts with quite a few holes might be the ones you imagine. That cheese is an industrialized adaptation. Be that as it may, there are numerous other distinctive and delectable Swiss cheese types to appreciate. And today, the cheese that we enjoy is notably entirely delicious.

These are the seven Swiss cheese types that you should know.

The Different Swiss Cheese Types One Should Know Of


Gruyère cheese is a name-secured cheese that has been made since roughly 1115. Named after a town, this is the Swiss cheddar that you probably have softened over your French onion soup and in fondue. It’s brothy, nutty, and pungent, and is normally matured somewhere in the range of 5 and a year.

Swiss Cheese Types To Know About
7 Swiss Cheese Types That You Should Know


Consider it a unique Gruyère. During the 1930s, when the Swiss were finding a way to make Gruyère, a gathering of cheesemaking families felt that the new laws traded off the quality of the cheese that they so sincerely cherished. In this way, they pulled out of Gruyère creation and chose to continue making the cheddar they had consistently made under the name L’Etivaz. Presently name-secured itself, L’Etivaz is possibly made in the late spring when the cows can nibble on Alpine glades.


Sbrinz may simply be the most seasoned European cheddar — it’s said to have been made by the Celts since before the introduction of Christ and was referenced in authentic records as right on time as 70 AD. Truth be told, Sbrinz is supposed to be a predecessor of Parmigiano Reggiano. It’s a delightful cheddar for grating if you’d like, yet additionally can be appreciated solo with a heftier red, similar to a Barolo.

Scharfe Maxx

After the Swiss Cheese Union was disbanded, star Swiss cheddar producers, at long last, had the option to advance and a Swiss cheesemaking renaissance started. Scharfe Maxx is a delicious case of this! It’s bacon-y, smooth, oniony, and great on a barbecued cheddar sandwich.

Engelberg Cheese

Cheesemaker Walter Grob thought about what might occur if he made a slice of cheese with the excellent Alpine-nibbled cow’s milk that he approached. One such result of experiments is the Engelberg Cheese. And it is surely absolutely delightful. Pair it up with a drink or with a sandwich, you will surely not be unhappy!

The Best Swiss Cheese Types In The World
7 Swiss Cheese Types That You Should Know

Vacherin Fribourgeois

Shouldn’t something be said about a Swiss cheese for fondue? Meet Vacherin Fribourgeois. It was also referenced in probably the most punctual records of fondue, expounded on a thousand years prior. Made with the milk of the nearby Fribourgeois bovine — which in the U.S. we call Holsteins or “those highly contrasting spotted cows” — this cheddar is smooth and out of control, with kinds of roughage and nuts.

Tête de Moine

Tête de Moine or “top of the priest” was created around eight centuries back in the Swiss Jura mountains. The cheese is regularly served in meagerly shaved florets. And the reason behind that being the utilization of a little gadget summoned a girolle. This , in turn, shaves the top layer of the cheddar, leaving such a bare spot on the priest’s head. Isn’t that great? So, if you ever get a chance to nibble on this piece of cheese, do not let it go!

Final Word

Cheese is one such thing that is surely loved by one and all. So, if you ever get a chance to nibble on each of these types, mind it, that is surely the best. Pair it up with a drink of your choice or use it in a sandwich. These cheese types will surely not let you down.

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