A Cheese Sauce Recipe

A Fabulous Cheese Sauce Recipe

We all love cheese sauce, especially the cheese lovers. The cheese sauce can add zeal to any kind of dish. Thus, many cooks prefer to use cheese sauce. Moreover, you can store this cheese sauce for future use as well. However, do you know that preparing this dish is rather easy? Let us learn how to prepare it.

Cheese is something that makes most of its cheese lovers go crazy about it. It gives yummy taste to the cheese lovers. Bt people who do not like cheese are far away from all this. They do not even like the smell of cheese. However, cheese lovers will love the different recipes of cheese and the ways they can use cheese in their food and recipes.

A Fabulous Cheese Sauce Recipe

Fabulous Cheese Sauce Recipe

All those cheese lovers who desire to have some fabulous cheese dishes, this sauce is a blessing. Moreover, you can make use of this sauce to prepare macaroni or cauliflower cheese. In addition, you can prepare it in minutes and cook it in minutes. This recipe will relish all your taste and make you feel heavenly. It will not only add a tempting taste to your dishes but shows how imaginative you are with the cheese product. Just go through this recipe and discover something really tempting. Cheese sauce can be thick as well and can be liquid as well. It completely depends upon the taste of an individual that what a person would like to taste.


  • 4 tablespoons of plain flour;
  • 50 grams of butter;
  • 500 ml of milk;
  • 100 grams of cheddar (grated)

Preparation Method Of Cheese Sauce

The preparation method is really easy and if you get through this then it will give a tempting taste to all your dishes for which you are preparing it. Know the ingredients and then come on the preparation method.

  • Firstly, take a large saucepan. Pour the milk into it. moreover, add 4 tablespoon of plain flour and 50 grams of butter to it.
  • Next, turn on the heat to medium flame and initiate whisking of the said mixture. As the butter melts, and you find the mixture coming to a boil, you the flour will simply disappear.
  • The sauce will start thickening at this stage.
  • Now, whisk this sauce for another 2 minutes. As you see bubbles stirring in, add the strong cheddar to it.
A Fabulous Cheese Sauce Recipe

Tips To Keep It Perfectly Smooth

Many cooks often complain about their sauce getting hardened. Thus, they are not able to use it in their dishes as per their needs. However, there is some time which can preserve your sauce for longer use. They are:

Add Liquid

To make the sauce consistent, you need to add a liquid to it. However, there are some options for it. Though you can use water, it can dilute the flavor of the sauce. Thus, it is advisable to use milk, broth, or cream in place of water. These liquids can surely help your sauce in remaining consistent.


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