Add Versatility and Functionality to Your Kitchen! Make Handling Easy and Baking Effortlessly!

Do you love baking at home? You are not a professional baker, but loves to watch youtube baking videos to bake delicious pastries and cake at home. In order to bake at home, one needs right baking equipment from oven to Multi-Purpose Round Silicone Baking Basin and proper ingredients, you need them all to get a perfect recipe. 

Baking basin plays a very important role in baking any item. If you are planning to buy a mixing bowl, have a look through this guide to pick the right bowls for the baking job.

Get a Multi-Purpose Round Silicone Baking Basin and start baking today!


  • Brand NameFAIS DU
  • Cake Tools TypeMoulds
  • CertificationSGS
  • Obscene PictureNo
  • Sexually SuggestiveNo
  • TypeCake Tools
  • FeatureStocked
  • MaterialSilicone
  • Model NumberDU703
  • ColorIn Random
  • Feature 1Round Silicone Mold
  • Feature 24/6/8/10 inch Silicone Cake Mold
  • Feature 3Cake Decorating Tools
  • Feature 4Pastry Baking Tray
  • Feature 5Kitchen Bakeware
  • Feature 6Baking Pastry Tools
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Pros Multi-Purpose Round Silicone Baking Basin:


Plastic mixing bowls are colorful and lightweight. Hey can easily coordinate with the kitchen utensils or add a pop of bright color to a workspace.  The set of bowls comes in 4 sizes, they are available in  different colors as well. Pick the best pair of bowls for you.

Microwave Safe:

These mixing bowls are heat-resistant. You can use them safely without worrying about current. Still You are recommended to use gloves while putting plastic bowls inside the microwave.

You can also use them as serving dishes, they are highly decorative as well as non-glare for pictures. 

Affordable: you can get the set of 5 baking basins in one package. It is affordable to buy.One of the best places to buy baking essentials is online stores. There you will get the variety of options to choose from.

A cake with a dessert on a plate


Some plastic mixing bowls can melt down if they come in touch with flame or hot surfaces. Additionally, some plastic bowls can absorb strong smells like garlic or stain. 

These plastic baking basins are easy to break or burn. If the oven is too hot, and you directly put the plastic in it, this msy burn the basin. So, it is one of the cons of getting a baking basin. 


So, considering the pros and cons of Multi-Purpose Round Silicone Baking Basin, it is safe to say that this product can be a great help while baking a sweet baked dish. It is available in various colors, sizes and prices, Choose the one that fits your needs.

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