Beer Cheese Dip Recipe – Why A Beer Cheese Spread Is A Diet Food

beer cheese dip recipe

The beer used must be authentic and if not, it will just taste like ordinary cheese. Fortunately, learning how to make this dish using authentic brew is not that hard.

Drink Beer Guide 

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To make this authentic beer cheese recipe, you must know what beer you want to use. For this, you can consult any drink beer guide and check out the details. Most guides tell you the type of alcohol content of each brand of beer, the calories in each one and the effects on the flavor. You also have to take note of the temperature of the fridge while preparing the recipe.

You should also choose a medium or heavy grade of beer. If possible, go for a dark beer. This will enhance the taste of the cheese while giving you less fat. If you want to make the recipe a bit fattier, then go for a light beer which has less calories.

First Step To Make Recipe


You can start by taking the raw milk from the cow. If possible, have it in a plastic container so the aroma will not escape into the kitchen. Bring the milk to a boil and let it cool down. Then add the curds or butters from the beer and let them steep in the milk for about 15 minutes so that they all become creamy.

Now it’s time to slice the curds to create the cheese spread. Place half of the cheese into a non-stick frying pan and place it over the hot brew. Using a spatula, flip the piece of cheese over so that it is over the hot beer.

Let the cheese to cool down completely before serving it. When you are done, you can skim off the excess fat content by using a cheese grater. Use the grater to grate down the excess milk and fat content from the cheese. You can now serve your dip with a dip sandwich or on its own. If you are serving it with the meat, you might want to put tomato sauce over it for some extra flavoring.

Beer Helps To Lose Weight

Beer is well known for its low calorie and low fat content. This makes it a popular choice for people trying to lose weight. The next time you have a craving for beer, you should consider making a beer cheese spread for your next meal.

It is best to have a draft beer with this dip. This way, the cheese will not melt into an unappetizing pile. You can also use canned beer if you prefer. Another thing about this recipe is that you can easily adjust the alcohol by adding more beer or less of it. Just check the amount of alcohol in your drink before you start eating.

Bottom Lines

This is not one of those diet foods that you have to deprive yourself of. It will actually keep you full and satisfied all throughout the day. So, what are you waiting for? Try this beer cheese spread now. You will be very pleased with its taste.

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