Beer Cheese Soup Recipe Ingredients

cheese soup recipe

Making a yummy and healthy cheese soup recipe is very easy. It only requires some patience and the right ingredients. You might be skeptical about cooking “normal” and “easy” food such as this one, but it will not take much effort and time. In fact, you can make a delicious soup in an hour or two.

How Can You Make Broccoli Cheese Soup With Only A Few Ingredients?

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Cook onions: In a saucepan, saute onion until soft almost to cooked. Then add enough butter to cover the onion and then mix in enough flour to make a paste. When the paste becomes soft, add enough beer to the pot, stirring constantly so that the beer does not stick to the bottom of the pan.

What If You Don’t Have Beer?

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Don’t worry. You can still create a healthy yet interesting and delicious recipe! You can use ham, pancake or whole wheat bread as the base of your recipe. Follow any recipe for chicken noodle soup and add fresh vegetables (broccoli, shredded carrots, celery sticks, onions, green beans)

What if I don’t have any broccoli cheese soup in my fridge? Don’t panic! You can still make a tasty soup by adding some frozen veggies such as peas, peppers or zucchini.

How Can You Use The Chicken Broth In My Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe?

The broth is your key to a successful and tasty soup. In fact, you should add the broth to your recipe as the first step of the cooking process. The mixture will give your soup a more intense and flavorful taste.

What if I don’t have sharp cheddar cheese in my fridge? Don’t fret. You can still create a delicious and mouthwatering soup by using low-fat cheese. Low fat free cheese will give your recipe that extra special flavor you crave. You can also add low-fat milk, cream or soy milk to the cream cheese in order to create a creamy and smooth soup. You can even add chopped or ground lean meats to the mix to create a more hearty broccoli cheese soup recipe.

Can’t find sharp cheddar cheese in my fridge? No problem! You can still create a mouth-watering and yummy broccoli cheddar soup recipe by substituting the cheese in your recipe with low fat free cheese. You can also substitute whole milk if you are substituting milk with the broccoli. To make the recipe even tastier, you may also sprinkle a little of the cheese over the top of the broccoli.

Why Make Beer Cheese Soup?

Beer cheese soup is a great way to warm up on those cold winter days. Whether you create your own beer cheese soup recipe, buy one online or make a store-bought version, you can be sure that this cheesy comfort food will keep you warm and toasty. As long as you follow the nutritional facts and use low fat free ingredients, you’ll be keeping warm and toasty.

The base of any good broccoli cheese soup recipe starts with noodles. Whether you choose pasta, omelets, rice or noodles, be sure to find noodles that are cut in half. Thin threads can add bulk and texture to your dish without increasing the overall volume of the soup. For an authentic Italian style recipe, you may add chopped prosciutto to the noodles at the end of cooking. Cook the noodles in enough water to fully dissolve the pasta pieces.

Ingredients For Rich Taste

Another ingredient that adds flavor to any beer cheese soup recipe is cream. If you are creating your own soup, consider using low fat yogurt and skim milk. Whichever type of milk you choose, be sure it is unsweetened. There is nothing worse than getting too much sugar in your hot soup. It can completely ruin the flavor of the cheese and sour the taste of the broth.

You may also want to toast some bread slices to add a bit of flare to your beer cheese soup. To do this, simply heat up a small amount of olive oil on a cast iron skillet. When the oil begins to shimmer, add your bread slices to the skillet and flip them over. Remove them from the skillet and place on a board. Let the bread pieces cook in the oil for a few minutes to begin to turn the bottom and brown on both sides.


After your noodles are cooked and the bread pieces are browned, add your veggies and meats. Be sure to keep your blender and immersion blender as clean as possible. Blender pulp and vegetables can become a gelatinous mass if they are not carefully handled. Be sure to keep your water boiling while you blend your ingredients thoroughly. Once you are finished blending your soup, you can serve it hot or at room temperature.

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