Benefits Of Raw Cheesemaking With Raw Milk

benefits of raw cheese

Raw cheesemaking with coconut milk is becoming very popular with health-conscious people who want to enjoy great tasting food without all the harmful chemicals. In fact, health experts advise people who wish to eat raw or semi-raw foods to take a step further and add at least some raw milk in their diet. Some recipes call for soy milk, but you will find many others that call for cow’s or goat’s milk, coconut milk, rice milk or evaporated coconut oil.

Many people wonder what the benefits of raw cheese making are. Of course it is great for the health of the cheesemaker, but there are other benefits of raw cheesemaking, too. When you prepare your own cheeses, it allows you the freedom to make them however you want. Raw cheesemakers can choose to make soft cheeses like brie or even hard cheeses like parmesan, which have a firmer texture. You can also use herbs and spices to make great tasting sauces for your cheese and it can be used as a marinade, instead of additional salt.

Health Benefits Of Raw Cheese

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Another way to enjoy the health benefits of raw cheese is to make yogurt. Just add one cup of raw milk and four tablespoons of nonfat yogurt to a pot or pan full of water. Bring the mixture to a boil, stirring often, until the milk has curdled. Remove from heat and let cool.

You can use your cooked yogurt as a dip to create delicious sandwiches for lunch or dinner. Or you can add it to soups, salads and vegetables. You can even puree it and use it in cocktails. The possibilities are endless. You can even use it in place of cream cheese when you bake.


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The versatility of this cheese product goes further than sandwiches and breads. You can also use it in any number of recipes that call for a cheese sauce. For example, you can make creamy tomato soup with a cream cheese base by using Romano or sharp cheddar. You can add it to vegetable dishes or use it as a vinaigrette for grilled meat. You can make a pesto sauce for chicken or fish. It can even be sprinkled over baked potatoes for a delicious and nutritious baked potato topping.

Another great way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of raw cheeses is to make yogurt raw. The best thing about making it in this manner is that you don’t have to wait for the curds to be at room temperature. You can put the yogurt into a strainer and that is all. You can then let the curds go on the counter to cool before using it in a recipe. This is an easy way to enjoy creamy yogurts while still learning how to make them at home.

Uses Of Raw Cheeses

There are other uses for raw cheeses besides the ones mentioned here. Feta cheese is often used in pasta sauces because it has a mild flavor and holds up well to the longer cooking process. It can even be added to a tortilla to make a wonderful sandwich dip.

Camembert is sometimes used as a meat alternative in grilled dishes and it holds up well to the grill too. Smoked bonding can be good for cuts of meat, especially if you want to marinate the meat for an hour or so in the smoker.

Bottom Line

There are so many uses for raw cheeses. They can be a great addition to a raw food diet or in your raw cheesemaking recipes. They can be used in all types of recipes. And they can even help those who are trying to lose weight and keep off. That is the great thing about this product: it tastes good and can be good for you.

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