Best Cheese Graters to Buy in 2021

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There are different types of cheese graters manufactured by companies every year. Some grate well while some are comfortable to hold. Here is a list of the best cheese graters on the basis of their performance.

Best Overall Grater and Best Box Grater: OXO Etched Box Grater

Cheese Graters

This functional grater from OXO received a 5/5 rating from Rachel, who also gave it the “Best Box Grater” and “Best Overall” superlatives. Like all Good Grips products from OXO, it has a soft, rubberized handle for safe and comfortable handling. This grater comes with a measuring cup that attaches below the grater to catch shreds and measure them in the same container. It also comes with a detachable zesting plane, so you get both a grater and a zester in one. 

Best Value: Cuisinart Box Grater

Cheese Graters

For half the price of the OXO box grater, Cuisinart’s box grater will give you years of use. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other graters, the sturdy, rubber handle makes it feel a cut above similarly priced graters. There is lots of surface area featuring multiple shred sizes, making this great for use on large quantities. If you’re looking for a standard box grater, this model from Cuisinart won’t disappoint.

Easiest to Clean: OXO Etched Coarse Grater

Handheld graters are the most convenient option for grating small quantities. This etched coarse grater provides the classic look and feel of a handheld grater combined with the durability of an OXO product. It comes with a detachable plastic guard for safe storage, and it’s top-rack dishwasher safe. The large shred holes make for easy cleaning by hand as well. It is important to note that this grater only comes in one size, and would not be suitable for zesting. 

Best for Zesting: Zyliss SmoothGlide Dual Grater

This grater from Zyliss is essentially two graters in one. It features large shredding holes on one side for coarse grating, and fine holes on the other side for zesting and finely grating ingredients like nuts, chocolate, or ginger.  Zyliss’s SmoothGlide grater boasts an “acid-etched” surface for fine grating results. It has a rubberized, non-slip grip for safe handling, and it’s dishwasher safe. At just $13, this two-in-one grater is a great value.

Best Rotary Grater: Microplane Rotary Cheese Grater

Feeling fancy? This rotary grater from Microplane has a sleek, classic style and a seamless design so you can dust all your pasta dishes with a flurry of Parmesan. The handles turn with “seamless ease,” and there is no pressure necessary. The dishwasher-safe parts detach for easy cleanup. But if you’re working with large blocks of cheese or vegetables, this might not be the best choice as the hopper would have to be reloaded several times. 

So choose your best and most preferred cheese grater on the basis of the above analysis. A cheese grater is must in every kitchen today!

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