Burger Cheese Recipe – Steps to Making the Finest Burger Cheese

Burger Cheese Recipe

Who likes burger cheese? Everybody does I guess. But how many people can prepare one of these? Well, we know not too many people can, which is why we have prepared this article; to guide you through the procedures of making a Burger Cheese Recipe. But first, let’s get to know what this popular snack or meal (as the case may be)  is, the nutritional contents, and how to prepare it.

Burger cheese is just another processed meal that contains nutrition like Calories, Protein, Carbohydrates, Dietary fiber, Fat, Cholesterol, and Calcium. Doctors may advise you against eating too much of this meal because of its high Cholesterol content which is measured at 90.3, even Calories from fats is at 36%, Iron (4.4 mg), Potassium (491 mg), Vitamin A (236 IU) makes it even healthier for consumption. Burger Cheese Recipe differs according to geography, but we will be using the most globally recognized method to explain this. But first, let’s list the types of Burger cheese 

Types of Burger Cheese

A burger and fries on a table

1. American

Just like the name stipulates, the American type of Burger cheese is creamy, mild, and the processed cheese is melted under in others. Like typical American Burger, it is packaged in a separate plastic wrapper and can be conveyed to any part of the country. 

2. Cheddar

This type of Burger is stepped up using a few flavor notches. It is produced using some tangy ingredients, this is a burger for people who wants to try out something new. By the way, the fruit Cheddar is specifically good on turkey burgers.

3. Swiss Cheeses

Surprisingly, the type of Burger is mostly eaten by Americans. It comes in a mild flavor, with a  lacy pattern of holes.

4. Goat Cheese

This fresh and creamy type of cheeseburger goes well if you are serving it with the veggie type of burgers.  This type of burger compliments the meat, most especially when it is garnished using sun-dried tomatoes. Because of the freshness of the goat cheese, it is recommended that you add the goat cheese after the burgers.

Preparation of the Burger Cheese Recipe

A close up of a burger sitting on top of a wooden table


• 1 pound of lean meat

• Half spoon of garlic salt

• 4 moderate slice of fat cheese

• freshly ground pepper

• 4 wheat Hamburger Buns

• Canola Cooking Spray

Optional Ingredients

• Lettuce leaves,

• Mustard

• Ketchup

• Barbecue Sauce


Step One

Slice the meat into four equal parts. Make four burgers using a patty press, then sprinkle them with the garlic salt or pepper.

Step Two

Grill the burglars (or Pan-fry) with the help of a canola cooking spray, keep them apart to avoid sticking to the pan (or grill). When the burger is done, transfer the burglars to the dishing plate. Then cover the burglars with foil to maintain the warmness.

Step Three

Dress the burglar using the lettuce. Now it is time to slice the tomato, onion, and mustard. Also add the barbecue sauce, and ketchup (if you wish). 


When you must have cooked your burger, place your sliced cheese on top, and cook for between (30-60 seconds).

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