Cheese Grater And Shaker With Measurer

Cheese Grater and Shaker with Measurer

Though this cheese grater and shaker are primarily for cheese, it works beautifully with fruits, vegetables, and chocolates. It allows you to get fresh food on the dining table. The grater is of stainless steel, which helps to achieve sharpness to its optimal level, and the cleaning is also convenient. In the base of the shaker, rubber is used as it has anti-slip property. It will help you with firm gripping during grating or shaking. The inner capacity of the tool is 2/3 cup or ¾ cup. The lid makes it convenient to store with food inside. And you don’t need to worry about the cleaning process. Being dishwasher safe, it will reduce your headache.

Cheese Grater And Shaker With Measurer

It is necessary to have the right kitchen tools to do cooking or baking correctly. In addition to your unlimited talent in the cooking arena, you cannot deny the contribution of the tools to look the best. This grater is one such tool that can take your food-related skills one step ahead. You can use this to grate fruits, vegetables, and chocolates apart from cheese and use this in the preparation of some specific dishes, salads, garnishing.

 If you can’t get this particular grating shape, the taste may be the same, but the looks will lack, which you will not like definitely. So, having the right tools acts as an inspiration and promotes your cooking ability.

The grater material is stainless steel, which makes it safe for use with food items. Moreover, we are pretty familiar with steel utensils and appliances, and we know about its durability and user-friendliness. It even makes the cleaning extremely easy in the dishwasher.

Since it has an attached lid, you can store the excess graded food item inside it for the next use. It has the capacity of holding up to 2/3 cup or 3/4 cup.

Cheese Grater And Shaker Make An Amazing Gift

Have you ever thought that besides lighting up your kitchen with some outstanding dishes, it can do the same job for your best friend’s kitchen too? Got my point? Right you are! I am talking about its acceptability as a gift item. You must have some relatives, neighbors, or friends who, too, have a passion for cooking. Maybe she does not have this, or she is not aware of such a grating tool. Gift her on her birthday, anniversary. This will make a great house warming gift too.

Useful Features Of The Measuring Shaker

The stainless steel has made it too convenient to use. The rubber at its foot prevents it from slipping on the dining table or the kitchen counter-top. The attached lid helps to keep it fresh while stored for future use. You can use this in the dishwasher, no more worry about cleaning.

On the whole, this may look small, but the service it provides is worth remembering. So, you should go for it and enjoy the cheese recipes!

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