Best Cheese Tips

5 Ways To Get The Best Taste Out Of Your Cheese
Cheese Tips To Keep In Mind Before Eating Them
Cheese Tips To Keep In Mind Before Eating Them

The discovery of cheese was by accident. It must be a surprising thing to know that one of your favorite things came into existence 4000 years ago by accident. The cheese was accidentally created by storing milk in an animal stomach lining container. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love cheese. To get the best quality of cheese, one thing that must be kept in mind is that the cow eats healthy. So next time you pick your block of cheese, remember these few tips about your cheese.

Storing cheese, both natural and human-made, imparts another level of flavor. Previously cheese was stored in caves in cold and humid conditions to age them. European cheesemakers used caves before modern refrigerators. The art of storing cheese in caves is not gone yet. Nowadays, American cheesemakers usually construct their cheese caves to age cheese.

About Various Cheese

  • Soft Cheese

Soft cheese has a nice creamy and velvety texture which melts when put in mouth. The moisture level in these cheese is between 50 to 60 percent. Soft cheese is of two categories, soft cheese with a washed rind and soft cheese with a bloomy rind. These cheese are neither pressed or cooked.

  • Semi-Soft Cheese

The moisture content is 45 to 50 percent and is more firm than soft cheese. There are two types of semi-soft cheese, interior ripens, and surface ripen.

  • Firm Cheese

Most of the cheese that we use belongs to this category. They are supple and elastic in texture. The moisture level is 35 to 40 percent. Cheddar and Gouda Cheese comes under this category.

  • Blue Veined Cheese

These cheese got its name from bluish, greenish veins inside the cheese. The process of production of this cheese is similar to that of soft cheese, except that we incorporate curdled milk. The method of ripening the cheese lasts for several months and takes place in a humid area. To allow more air inside the cheese to develop vein, it needs to be pierced with long needles.

  • Fresh Cheese

Fresh cheese is made naturally by allowing the cheese to curdle naturally. The moisture of this cheese is more than 60 percent. Fresh cheese and ricotta are a part of this category of cheese.

Some Important Cheese Tips

  • One of the most important things to keep in mind while buying a piece of cheese is to taste the cheese. Every seller can easily cut a small portion of the cheese for you to eat.
  • The texture of the cheese is essential. Soft cheeses are mild in taste while hard cheese is a bit salty.
  • Asking from which animal product this cheese is made is essential. Cheese is mainly made from cow, sheep, and goat.
  • Storing cheese in the door can make the cheese go dry due to the temperature swings. To store cheese properly, wrap the cheese in a wax paper and place it in the drawer.
  • The rinds of the cheese can also put to use, so never throw it away.
  • To grate soft cheese, always freeze them before grating.
  • Always shred cheese before using them in the recipe.
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