Cooking With Flaming Greek Cheese

flaming greek cheese

The best way to enjoy delicious Greek food is to indulge in the delicious Greek cuisine and make a hot drink out of Greek yoghurt, flaming Greek cheese and lemon. The combination of both makes a delectable drink that will have you and your guests in a festive mood. With this delightful drink you can really have fun with friends or families and impress everyone with your unique blend of flavors and mouth watering flavors.

The base of any good Greek meal should be a delicious soup. The two most popular base soups are: the saganaki and the marmoleum. Both saganaki and marmoleum consist of layers of vegetables that are mixed together with a base of meat and seasoned bread crumbs. Traditionally, these were served at the gorgeous lunch tables during the old times in Greece when the population used to eat together with friends and family. Now both of these great soups are enjoyed by people of all ages at home or at their favorite greek restaurant.

An Overview

Greek Cheese

Traditionally, marmoleum was made from fat lard, honey and rose water. In order to flavor it, the honey was poured on it as it was being prepared while the rose water was boiled and then later served with the hot curried soup. As you might guess, the hot curried soup was loved by the ancient Greeks as much as the golden brown saganaki. They used to dip their breads in this delicious golden brown paste while they were cooking. However, the modern saganaki has taken a totally different form and is now enjoyed as a delicious snack.

Nowadays the saganaki is made from grated cottage cheese, golden brown or Cheddar, smoked salmon or wild lettuce, and a dash of lemon juice or vinegar or lemon zest. This amazing mixture of ingredients is made into a fire brick type of mixture which then slowly bake in a hot oil. The resulting bread is then baked in a hot oven or stove until golden brown. The baking time varies depending on the recipe and the thickness of the cheese. The moment the bread is done, it is typically covered with some olive oil and some sliced tomatoes.

Cooking with Flaming Greek Cheese

Greek Cheese

Some of the more traditional foods that go along with this Greek wonder cheese are pastitsada, an olive oil based soup base, and a Greek salad. Although the traditional base contains tomatoes, red bell pepper, and onions, greek cheeses come in so many different varieties that are now used in different fillings or sauces. If making a traditional sauce for a soup like Pastitsada, simply combine 2 cups sour cream, a quarter cup grated cheddar cheese, chopped scallions, and a quarter ounce each of garlic powder, onion powder, and fresh rosemary. These two ingredients make an awesome greek salad dressing that can be sprinkled over top of the pasta and served on top of some freshly tossed salads.

Flaming Greek cheese can also be used as a great way to season a variety of other foods. I have made some delicious breads and muffins with olive oil glazing and garlic powder for breakfast. For dinner I made some lamb chops that were flavored with fresh lemon juice, lemon pepper, and rosemary. They were awesome and the whole family really enjoyed them.

To make a good and easy meal, you will need to have a good quality pan with a removable bottom, a wire rack to hold the pans, a wire whisk, and the greek flaming cheese. You will also need some un-seasoned flour. In a large non stick pan, bring water to a boil and add the flour. Stir constantly and allow the water to mix completely. Once the flour is fully mixed, turn off the heat, and turn the oven off. Place the glazed and cooled pan in the center of the oven and place the mixture in the center of the rack.

Bottom Line

Cover the baking dish and put the burner on medium. Using a wire whisk, beat the mixture until it becomes a smooth paste. Add the brandy and pour this mixture into the tin and gently swirl the mixture around inside the tin. Cover the entire baking dish tightly and let the pan heat up to finish preparing the next batch of saganaki. When the first batch has finished, just cover the pan tightly and let the pan heat up to finish preparing the second batch of flaming greek cheese saganaki.

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