Cream Cheese Benefits You Need To Know

Cream Cheese Benefits

How many calories are in Cream Cheese? Read on, the calorie count of the various serving sizes for this popular dairy product. The health benefits and Cream Cheese nutrition facts will help you eat a healthier diet and lose weight. So get ready to have some fun and enjoy some delicious and healthy food with this creamy cheese.

Calories In A Serving Size: Cream Cheese Benefits

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How many calories are in cream cheese? If you are an average American, you probably do not realize how many calories are in a serving size. If you are not on the Atkins or South Beach Diet plans, it is safe to assume that your serving size is likely about eight ounces. As an American dieter, you probably have some pretty good choices in the types of foods you consume. This includes the regular versions of cheeses and popular varieties such as Parmesan, Blue Bell, and even Colby-Jack.

Cheese With High-Fat Content: Cream Cheese Benefits

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These cheeses have a high-fat content. The problem with these cheeses is that they are high in calories. As long as you are eating cheese as an ingredient in something like bread, it will provide you with some of the calories you are consuming. Still, there is no way that the actual cheese itself will be lower in calories than the amount of sugar and carbohydrates it contains.

Many people feel better when eating low fat and low carbohydrate foods such as higher protein and low-fat cheeses. The problem is that since cream cheese is so high in fat and carbohydrates, many of these people find that they end up consuming more calories than they did previously while still enjoying the high-quality cheese flavor they are used to eating.

Following A Weight Loss Plan: Cream Cheese Benefits

Low Fat and Low Carb are the next phases in a weight loss plan for many Americans. These people will find that there are far fewer calories and fewer fats that are in the traditional cheeses. Unlike the low-fat cheeses that you find at the grocery store, these cheeses still have the same high fat and low carbohydrate levels that were prevalent in the past.

But, since you want to enjoy the new taste and flavor of the new variety, make sure that you choose the ones made with real cheese rather than artificial substitutes full of sugar and carbohydrates. For instance, the New England-style cheeses made from Cheddar, Swiss, American, or Colby-Jack contain real cheese and are still great for eating with pasta, soups, and salads.

Cheese Containing A High Amount Of Fat

Of course, if you are looking to lose weight quickly, there is no better choice than the cheese that contains a high amount of fat and cholesterol. The best way to ensure that you are eating low fat and low carbohydrate cheeses are to choose the cheese that contains the lowest amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. The more saturated fat and cholesterol you include in your daily diet, the less chance you will develop high blood pressure, heart disease, and other cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that it may help keep your cholesterol levels in check, preventing them from rising to dangerous levels.

However, even if you choose the cheeses that don’t have the health benefits mentioned above, you will still have to watch your portions. Because of the large amounts of fat and cholesterol that you are adding to each serving of these cheeses, you should choose one small serving at a time and try to consume the serving in three smaller meals instead of one large meal.

And, if you can’t eat the cheese in one sitting, you will want to take it along with several different types of food that can be eaten together, such as rice, potatoes, and salad. You can also eat low-fat yogurt that contains the same protein, sodium, and fiber content as cheese. If you are feeling particularly hungry, you can easily snack on crackers and lean meats and crackers.

Final Words

The low-fat cheeses that you buy at the store are still the most popular, and they do provide many of the health benefits and the taste that many people prefer. However, if you are looking for the right one for you, keep in mind that the more ingredients you are eating, the less nutritional benefits you will get from the cheese.

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