Different White Cheese Types To Consider

white cheese types

White cheeses, also known as feta, as well as other light or semi-baked cheeses like brie, Camembert, and provolone, are most commonly consumed in the Italian food market. Their availability in markets across the globe has led to their proliferation as one of the most popular types of cheese. Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of flavors and colors, suitable for consumption both during the hot and cold seasons. But what exactly are white cheese types?

Feta is a gourmet cheese that derives its name from the Latin word “eda,” which means cheese. It is made by blending cream cheese, milk, and goat milk solids, and pressing it into curds that yield a whitish curd. The curds are then aged for up to four months to yield a flavor that is characteristic of Greece. Most Greek dishes incorporate feta in some way.

Great Features

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Because of its distinctive taste, unique appearance, and rich flavor, feta cheese has rapidly become the number one selling type of cheese in the world. It is a top seller not only in Italy but in Spain, France, Germany, and the rest of the Northern European countries. The reasons for its success are varied, ranging from the traditional flavor of the cheese to the improved texture and color of modern varieties. As gourmet marketers continue to develop new cultures dairies to support the rising demands of consumers, these new products are creating another opening for traditional white brined cheese producers: the possibility of wider distribution.

Through the use of new techniques like hydro stabilization and pasteurization, manufacturers of traditional white brined cheese like feta can use newly found methods to enhance the flavor and texture of the product. For example, some greek manufacturers have learned that the addition of fruit juices and herbs can help to improve the texture, while others have discovered that blending different cultures can add depth to this all-natural product. The result is a cheese with several new cultures, each contributing to the improvement of this already marvelous product.

The Main Ingredients

Because the demand for gourmet products like these is growing daily, traditional white brined cheese like feta has benefited from this new culture of gourmet consumers who are looking for the best in everything they eat. Traditionally made by sheep, the ingredients of traditional sheep milk cheeses like feta included live or raw goat milk, sugar, fat, and various herbs, all of which provide both flavor and health benefits. With the use of modern technology, these traditional cultures are improved through pasteurization, which removes bacteria and microorganisms that cause bad tastes and odors in traditionally-made cheeses. At the same time, modern technology makes possible the production of gourmet cheeses without using live animals; therefore, the nutritional value of this product is enhanced as well. Because of this innovation, consumers can enjoy this gourmet foodstuff without worrying about bad tastes or odors.

Different Tastes

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Another cheese type that has undergone a tremendous improvement through technology is brie, which used to be available in only white color. Thanks to its distinctive yellowish hue, the flavor, and texture of this cheese were greatly improved when it was introduced to the market in the 1990s. By adding the ingredient curds, or the milk of grass-fed cow, the traditional texture of brie was improved, making it an ideal product for people who want cheese content.

For these products to gain recognition among consumers, manufacturers of these cheeses made sure that they were able to create a product that had a wide variety of flavors. Traditionally made from pasteurized milk from cows that have been fed pasteurized feeds, Camembert is one of the most popular types of this cheese that uses pasteurized milk. It is also considered to be a dairy cheese, which means that its products are perfect for those who are lactose intolerant. This cheese has a buttery texture and a pleasant flavor. It is widely known for being very rich in calcium, which makes it a great product for baking and other pre-prepared meals that require the use of calcium. Other good-tasting cheeses made from pasteurized milk are American and Swiss.


Other white cheese types include two specific types: Roquefort and Stilton. Roquefort is a type of soft white cheese that is produced in the region of French Alps. It usually has a fruity taste, thanks to its buttery texture. Stilton is another cheese that is produced in the famous French region of Champagne, which is well-known not only for its delicious flavor but for its incredible density. By using a blend of whey and egg yolks, Stilton can maintain its high density and flavor. These two kinds of cheese are some of the best-selling varieties, which can be found in many supermarkets across the United States.

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