Easy Cottage Cheese Lasagna Recipe To Keep You Drooling

lasagna cottage cheese recipe

Easy Cottage Cheese Lasagna Recipe To Keep You Drooling

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Do you love to make dinner at home and want to try new and different recipes for you and your family. Then you must try the easy cottage cheese lasagna. You can make this dish for special occasion or for your family dinner. But you must try to make this recipe if you have not made it yet. I am sure that everyone will love this recipe.

The Easy Cottage Cheese Lasagna

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Before we start off lets talk about cottage cheese. So as the name suggests it becomes clear that this lasagna uses cottage cheese instead of the ricotta cheese that is more traditional in the authentic Italian food. So do you know the difference between cottage cheese and ricotta cheese? Cottage cheese is actually unripened fresh cheese that is made from curd that is made when the milk separates into whey and curd.

Cottage cheese has a mild flavor with lumpy texture. While on the other hand ricotta cheese is a traditional Italian cheese that is made from whey and consists of a smooth texture. You can use cottage cheese instead of ricotta cheese that I have used in this lasagna recipe and the finished product is truly amazing. It would be better if you use small curd cottage cheese so that the curds disappear into cheese mixture easily and acts like the smooth ricotta a little closely.

How Many Layers Do Lasagna Have?

The layers of the lasagna is totally your preference, but I think that it should at least have three layers so that you get the feel of digging into a tall piece of pasta-y, loaded with cheese. Now lets talk about the ingredients that you need to add in the cottage cheese lasagna. First ingredient is meat. You need to have a total of 1-1/2 pounds of meat for the sauce. You can use a combination of ground beef and mild Italian sausages or of ground beef and spicy Italian sausages. You can even use all beef without sausages, but if you ask me sausage adds a depth of flavor to this dish.

Next is herbs, you can use dried oregano and parsley. If you want then you can even use fresh herbs. Mozzarella is another ingredients that goes in lasagna. You can use shredded mozzarella but the easiest way to assemble is with mozzarella slices. You can use traditional lasagna noodles and lastly use lots and lots of intense tomato flavor that will go in this lasagna.

Can You Freeze Your Lasagna?

Yes you can even freeze this lasagna. What you can do is bake the whole lasagna and then you can refrigerate the whole lasagna or you can even freeze the leftovers that you have once served. I must tell you that it is much easier to portion and wrap the pieces the and the lasagna when it is chilled then when it is warm. So you see these are the few things that you need to know about cottage cheese lasagna.

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