Everything about Soul Food Baked Macaroni And Cheese

soul food baked macaroni and cheese

Backed macaroni and cheese is also called as soul food. This is ultimately comfort food. No one can resist creamy, perfectly baked and crispy bowl of mac and cheese. You can serve this dish on any kind of ocassion. Be it christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, your close friend’s birthday party or without any occasion. This creamy and cheesy dish is always on top in anyone’s favourite dishes. In some families, this dish and it’s recipe is pass by the generations. And they do not make it or pass it to anyone else. 

The History of Mac and Cheese

Baked Macaroni

Millions of African American believes thst this dish was invented long long time ago. When there were no such things as kitchens. This food is universally proven as the comfort food and it is quite clear that the origin of this food is italian. For so many African Americans and other people it is a soul food. 

European and American Love For Mac And Cheese

Baked Macaroni

The person who trace their genetic heritage to West Africa, they doesn’t even eat so many dairy products. So why their soul food is mac and cheese and not anything eles. The answer of this question is lies on thhis food’s Prestige in Europe and later in Southern America. The authentic recipe of mac and cheese was a simple combination of pasta, butter and parmesan cheese. And it appeared in the circa-1390 in Forme of Cury cookbook, the go-to resource for cooks in royal kitchens across Europe. After that several people add other ingredients in this dish. 

Europeans loved this food in the 18th century and American who traveled there fell in love with this dish on First bite. And when they return home, they try this dish and serve it on their table. When president Jefferson served this dish in White House on February 6, 1802. Many people were not happy and they wrote bad things about this. But many wealthy Southerners embraced macaroni and cheese and served on special occasions. 

How Mac And Cheese Became The Comfort And Soul Food

After the liberation of black community, mac and cheese became the celebratory dish and it symbolizes new life and convenient comfort food. As this dish does not require so many ingredients, poor people also can afford this dish. And under poor relief organizations of the government, they often received macaroni and processed cheese, the makings of a quick meal. That’s how mac and cheese became the soul food for African American people. 


We hope that you got to know some interesting things about your favourite Mac and Cheese. Nothing can beat a perfect homemade baked macaroni and cheese. In this simple combination of butter, pasta and parmesan cheese, so many people have added so many different ingredients and made this dish their own heritage recipe. You will also find your family’s different recipe of mac and cheese if you’ll ask your mom and grandma. 

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