Everything which you should know about Charcuterie Board Cheese Types

charcuterie board cheese types

Charcuterie Cheese Board is a cheese and meat platter. It is the one kind of French Tradition where on the plate cured meats and cheeses are served together. In other words, we can say that charcuterie is the art of assembling cured meats, meat products, nuts, crackers, fruits, breads and olives together on the platters. This idea of charcuterie Cheese Board is very popular outside of France. You can complete your platter or board impressively by using different kinds of cheese and meat.

What is Charcuterie?

Cheese Types

Charcuterie pronounced as shahr-ku-tuh-ree is the art of preparing and decorating meats like bacon, ham, sausage or other pork products. In Modern charcuterie other finger foods like, crackers, fruits, nuts, jams, dips, cheese, pate and breads are also served. Charcuterie board has all the mix flavours like sweet to sour, and spicy to sovery. There are several ingredients used to make this traditional board to make sure that everyone gets something they like to eat. You can use seasonal food and your favourite food to make this board. There are endless ways to make charcuterie boards. 

Types of Cheese to Use in Charcuterie Cheese Board

Cheese Types

There are endless choices of cheese that you can use in the Charcuterie Cheese Board. You can use any type of soft cheese, hard cheese and cheese crumbles. Here are the types of cheese that you can use in your charcuterie Board:

  • Hard Cheeses

Hard cheese is the best for this board. The most amazing hard cheese is parmesan, cheddar, romano, and manchego cheese.

  • Soft Cheeses

Soft cheese like brie cheese gives a rich taste in your platter. And you can use other soft cheeses like burrata and stracchino. These cheeses are easy to spread.

  • Crumbly Cheese

You will love crumbly cheeses like goat cheese, ricotta salata, caerphilly,cotija or feta cheese. They are hard to spread but taste delicious.

  • Blue Cheese

Blue cheese is always on top for any cheese platter or charcuterie platter. You can use gorgonzola or marble blue jack for your board.

  • Semi firm cheese

Semi firm cheese like gouda cheese is the best cheese to include in your charcuterie Board. It is nutty, buttery and a crowd pleaser.

  • Cheese dip

You can even make cheese dip for your charcuterie Board with cheese, milk and butter. You can add any kind of cheese.

What Else You Can Include In Your Charcuterie Cheese Board?

Other than cheese and meat you can include sliced fruits like apple, pears, dates grapes or berries. Or you can add nuts like almonds, pistachios, macadamia nuts or cashew nuts. You can add crackers crackers or bread sticks or toasted crostini. You can add olives with pickles, sweet red papers. In addition you can add different fruit jams, spreads, toasted breads or anything you like.


Charcuterie Cheese Board was founded in the 15th century in France. But still it is in trend. Who does not like to eat smoked meat with creamy cheese? It is the most healthy thing to eat. It is not hard to make and there is no specific occasion to make it. You can make this board or platter anytime you want to eat.

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