Feta Cheese And Goat Cheese Differences

Feta Cheese Isn’t Goat Cheese – Know Differences And Be Safe With Safety Gloves Cut-Resistant Covers

Feta cheese has goat milk content, which is one of the primary reasons behind people mistakenly calling feta cheese as goat cheese. However, the truth remains, these two are completely different types of cheese. Let’s find out the differences.

Feta Cheese VS Goat Cheese – The Differences Explained

Type Of Milk Content

As you all probably have guessed, goat cheese is completely made from goat milk. While, when it comes to feta cheese, for it to be named thus, it is necessary that the cheese is made from at least 70% sheep’s milk. The rest of the milk is from a goat. With 30% or less concentration of goat milk, can never be called goat cheese.


There is also a major difference between the preparation process of both the cheese. Goat cheese can be consumed right after it has been prepared and salted. On the contrary, for feta cheese to be labeled thus, it has to be aged for at least three months and then preserved in brine.

Taste Matters

Getting into the taste factor, the goat cheese tastes sweet in the beginning. However, cheese is quite salty, some even describing it to be quite tangy and bitter too.

Nutritional Value

In terms of nutritional content, both goat cheese and feta cheese are quite close in almost every factor. The only major difference is the calcium content, which is 140 gm, as compared to 40 mg in goat cheese. For those who are dieting, including feta cheese in your diet at times can be a good thing. Though both contain saturated fat and thus should not be taken more than 20 gm within the day if the person is on a 2000 calorie diet. Now do the math as per your diet chart. Also, an ounce of feta cheese has 230 mg of sodium while the same amount of goat cheese has 130 mg of sodium.

Safety Gloves Cut Resistant Covers Will Protect Your Hands As You Get Various Dishes Ready for Feta Cheese

Now, with such delicacies available, and feta cheese has enough nutritional value to be included within the healthy diet regime you are following, you are probably lured into start preparing various dishes right away. But, get this safety gloves cut resistant covers to keep your hands safe. You have probably already seen or found out the hard way, how sharp the cheese grater is, and how easy it is to cut your hand. But with the safety gloves cut resistant covers on, you will never have to go through the pain again.

What I Like About Safety Gloves Cut Resistant Covers (Pros) For Feta Cheese

  • First and foremost, these gloves are actually effective against knives, grates, and other sharp objects in the kitchen.
  • These gloves come in small, medium, and large sizes and thus you can choose your size for best fit. No more clumsy slips in the kitchen while wearing gloves.
  • It is sold in pairs, which is great since you get gloves for both the hands.

What I Did Not Like About Safety Gloves Cut Resistant Covers (Cons)

  • There is no clear indication of the sizes in terms of a specific measurement. This results in a person ordering the wrong size by mistake.


I have certainly forgotten about cuts in the kitchen ever since I started using this. Any person who cooks should get a pair.

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