Mimolette Cheese Recipes

Few Delicious Mimolette Cheese Dishes Recipes
Mimolette Cheese Dishes
Mimolette Cheese Dishes

Mimolette is a type of Cheese. And it’s traditionally produced in Lille, France. This Cheese looks like a bright orange ball. The Mimolette cheese has an electric-orange inner which has a sweet and caramelized taste. Its finish is very smooth and fudgy. This Cheese use in many food items. Its origin is France, so it has that France fell in it. The makers of this Mimolette cheese says that taste comes from the important role in the aging process this Cheese. This Mimolette cheese flavor is in somewhere between cheddar and Edam cheese.

Here we have a few delicious Mimolette cheese recipes you must know if you are a cheese lover.    

Few Things About Mimolette Cheese

This Cheese is traditional form Lille, France. But it’s also produced in some areas of Belgium and Netherlands. The conventional cheese recipe is not a secret to anyone. But the process of aging this Cheese is different, and that is what gives this Cheese its sweet flavors and smoothness.

The Mimolette cheese is a pure cow milk cheese. And the normal weight of this Cheese about two kg. The name of this Cheese came from Mollet. It is orange from inside, and that orange color comes from natural colorant Achiote. This Cheese can consume in various aging stages. Each stage will give you a different taste. But the most loved taste will come when it’s extra-old. At that point, it becomes hard to chew with a caramelized flavor.

Few Mimolette Cheese Dishes

There are many delicious dishes that you can make from this Cheese. The main flavor of this Cheese caramelized, and every cheese lover will love to have this Cheese in almost every dish. But in case you are looking for some recipe than we have few for you.

Cheese Puffs

This is one of the most popular dishes which has this Cheese. Usually, we call these puffs as cream puff dough. After folding the Cheese inside the dough, it will bake in small round sizes. It’s cooked until it gets completely brown color. The process of making this dish is not difficult at all.

You need all basic ingredients like butter, flour, chives, a pinch of chili powder, freshly ground black pepper and most importantly diced Mimolette cheese. Mix all the ingredients and make the dough then fill fold cheese in the middle then bake it. And your delicious cheese puffs are ready to serve.

Broccoli Mimolette Soup

The Broccoli Mimolette soup is very creamy and tasty. This soup is mostly loved by kids. It made with Cheese and fresh Broccolis. This soup does not have any additional ingredient except the basic items. The soup is very popular and simple to make at home without and help.

Mimolette Cheese Dishes
Mimolette Cheese Dishes

The required ingredients of this Broccoli soup are onion, chopped broccoli; fresh parsley stems bouillon, Salt & pepper, Olive oil, and a clove of garlic. It’s easy to make at home by following a few steps you need to dice or chop all the vegetables you have taken to make soup. Then heat your pan and put little olive oil. After that, you need to add all the veggies and spices. Then cook the soup for about 20 minutes and add Cheese. And you are ready to at this delicious Broccoli cheese soup.    

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