Healthy Cottage Cheese

Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese



Cheese is one of the staple items in every household. Do you really need to ask? If you love cheese, might as well add cottage cheese in your list. You won’t regret it.

Cheese adds more flavor in a meal, making it more appetizing. As a matter of fact, some people, even if they have lactose intolerance, they still consider eating cheese! So, cheese is an awesome source of calcium, minerals, and vitamins such as A, B12, Phosphorous, Zinc, protein and many more. More often than not, the cheese gets a bad reputation since there have been claims that cheese is fatty and contributes to weight gain.

Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese
Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Well, this does not really apply to all kinds of cheese. It all depends on the type of cheese you get into your diet. Cottage cheese is one of the best examples of healthy cheese that you can find. This kind of cheese is prepared by boiling and curdling milk with the help of vinegar or lime. As soon as the milk boils, it will start to curdle. The curd will be pressed in order to squeeze out the whey in order to form a lump of cheese. Cottage cheese can be easy to make, but we are not going to go through the process of preparation. We are here to discuss the surprising health benefits of cottage cheese.

Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Anti-Cancer Potential

Cottage cheese contains calcium and Vitamin D and it can help in reducing the risk of cancer. Researchers have found that in the case of pre-menopausal women, a good intake of low-fat dairy products can absolutely help in reducing the risk of breast cancer. Isn’t that wonderful news?

Protein Rich

Cottage cheese contains a good amount of casein protein, which is very ideal for vegetarians in supplying them with the needed amount of daily protein. Cottage cheese doesn’t really need any amount of cooking and can be consumed directly.

Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese
Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese

For Pregnant Women and Athletes

With many different nutrients found in this cheese, it is highly recommended for pregnant women and athletes alike. It is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, which is good for the bones and also for weight loss. The amount of calcium in this cheese is about 8% of the recommended daily value. Moreover, calcium-rich foods can help in the prevention of osteoporosis. Apart from that, it assists the nervous system in sending the nerve impulses.

Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Cottage cheese is rich in magnesium and acts as a catalyst in promoting biochemical reactions. It also activates certain enzymes in the body, maintaining muscle as well as nerve functioning, while supporting the immune system. Aside from maintaining the blood sugar levels, this cheese also helps in preventing constipation, heart attacks, migraine, collagen as well as psychiatric disorders.

Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese
Surprising Benefits of Cottage Cheese

Prevents Strokes

Aside from other nutrients, this amazing cheese contains potassium that acts as a fluid-balancing element in the body, and is also an essential component in neural activities of the brain and muscle. It also helps in relieving muscle cramps. Potassium also acts like electrolytes, which is a good thing for the body.

Imagine having the tastiest meal, without compromising your health? Get yourself some cottage cheese now and enjoy it.

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