How to Make Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe

blue cheese dressing recipe

If you love the taste of blue cheese but cannot always locate it in your local grocery store or health food store, then you may want to try making your own blue cheese dressing recipe at home. There are many recipes available online or you can make a different version with just a few different ingredients. This unique blue cheese dressing recipe tastes just like the real thing, only it is made from scratch using ingredients found at your home refrigerator. You can enjoy this new and tasty twist on an old favorite.

Enjoy The Taste

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If you enjoy cheese and like a good meal that has wholesome fat and low calories, then you will want to try this unique twist on a favorite cheese for a change. Blue cheese is a delicious and healthy alternative to regular cheese. It has a tangy taste with a subtle but noticeable sweetness from the cheese and is often used in place of other cheese in recipes such as pizza sauces and stews. The reason it is so well known at the grocery store is that it is usually paired with fresh vegetables and low calorie spreads.


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To make this delicious dish, you will need the following ingredients: 2 tablespoons sour cream, 8 ounces cold water, 2 ounces cream cheese, 8 ounces grated cheddar cheese, approximately three-fourths of a cup blue cheese, a rubber ducky, and approximately two cups water. When preparing the sour cream and the blue cheese blend, it is best to process them using a food processor or a blender. Because the flavors are so strong in this mixture, it is important to puree the foods thoroughly until they are blended and smooth. Then you can spoon the mixture into small bowls and allow it to cool to room temperature. Once the mixture has cooled completely, then you can spoon it into the food processor or blender and process it according to the directions on the container.

Some Major Things To Remember

To create the homemade blue cheese dressing recipe, you will need to combine the sour cream, the cheese, and the water. You will also need a rubber ducky to stir the mixture and to break down any lumps that may occur. Once all of these items have been combined and blended, it should be mixed thoroughly by using a rubber ducky. Next, you will want to dip the bread into the mixture and then place it into your preheated oven.

After the ingredients for the blue cheese dressing have to cook for about ten minutes, you can remove them from the oven and put them onto a plate. Now you will want to transfer all of your ingredients into your food processor or blender. It is very important to pulse your ingredients very well, you don’t want them to be lumpy. If there are any lumps in your homemade blue cheese crumbles, you can scrape them right out. Then all you have to do is to blend them all until they are completely smooth.

Blue Cheese Crumbs

Now it is time to add all of your blue cheese crumbs to your food processor or blender. You will want to add about two tablespoons of the mixture at a time until you have used up all of the product. This process should only take a few minutes because it combines well and gets the job done. After you have blended the ingredients thoroughly, you will want to taste the mixture. You should notice a creamy texture and a light flavor, depending upon how your homemade blue cheese dressing mixture is created.

You should now have a delicious cheese dip that is both delicious and healthy. You can refrigerate the dip and serve it cold if desired. However, you can serve it right out on the table and it will be even tastier. If you would like to serve it as a dessert after the party, you can mix it with fruits and yogurt to create a delicious blueberry dessert. The possibilities are endless and the secret is being able to find and combine the flavors of the different types of cheeses you find in your local grocery store as well as different types of spreads.


If you would like to try a different buttermilk recipe, try Blue Cheese Yogurt Dip. This tangy buttermilk and blue cheese dip are delicious and are an easy remake. All you need is buttermilk, blue cheese, yogurt, cheddar cheese, chicken bouillon, pepper, onion, celery, chicken broth, and lemon juice. Combine all of these ingredients and spoon them into your bowl of pasta water. Allow the mixture to blend well and then enjoy your nutritious homemade meal.

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