Is Dairy Good Or Bad For Health?

Is Dairy Good Or Bad For Health?

Many have this question in mind “is dairy good or bad for health”? But today doctors clearly explain both the pros and cons of consuming dairy products. Of course, consuming dairy products are right for health but in a limited amount. Eating anything in excess is not at all suitable for health. Milk and other dairy products are indeed full of nutrients like minerals, calcium, and vitamin and phosphorous. But one also needs to know that dairy is rich in saturated fats too.


Is Dairy Good Or Bad?

Too much consumption of dairy is not always good for health. The nutrients present in it can be found in other products like soy, nuts, beans, green veggies, and many other products. As milk products include a high level of saturated fat, there are chances that extreme consumption can lead to heart diseases. For a person, it is always better to maintain a well-balanced diet that includes vitamins and minerals. Moreover, it can be easily found in other food products rather than milk products.

Reasons Why One Must Avoid Milk Products

Everyone knows we need milk to be healthy, not necessarily!! Before consuming anything, it is essential to know the pros and cons of the product. For being fit, it is important to eat those products that the body is designed to eat. Many people are lactose intolerant. Some people develop acne and skin infection by eating it. Many have gastric problems. Those people must not eat such products. These are signs that the body does not like milk and its products therefore one needs to stop consuming it. One can also find some amount of sugar in dairy products.
It is also seen consuming dairy increases insulin in the body; this, in turn, can increase the risk of diabetes, acne, and cancer.

Some Benefits Of consuming Milk And Its Products

However, every product has both positives and negatives attached to it. Dairy too has many benefits:-
A single cup of milk contains more than 30% of calcium.
About 24- 25% of vitamin D and 24% of riboflavin is also present in milk.
Consuming yogurt helps to fight against type 2diabetes.
Milk makes our bone and teeth strong too
Moreover, the right amount of calcium, protein, and other nutrients also is there in dairy products. One cannot deny that dairy products contain a proper amount of nutrients necessary for the body.



Each person is different from the other. Some people who love consuming dairy consume it because it suits their body. Moreover, who have some of the other problems while consuming dairy products do not include it in their diet. Therefore, “is it good or bad” is a very controversial topic. All those companies which manufacture the products will show the positives of consuming it. But, doctors suggest that consuming it is good but in a limited proportion. They also say if drinking milk shows signs of acne, skin problems, and irritation, then surely one needs to stop consuming it then and there.

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