Know About Best Types Of Cheese With Holes

types of cheese with holes

If you are a connoisseur of cheese, then you probably already know what types of cheese with holes are and how delicious they are. But did you also know that there are other delicious types of cheese with holes? Believe it or not, there are some delicious cheeses that have air holes in them! These types of cheese with holes make for an interesting snack or for a fun treat at a picnic. So if you love cheese, but don’t like the taste of straight cheese, try some with holes!

Blue cheese is a type of cheese that is sold with the words “blue” and “holes” printed on it, along with a number. If you’re a fisherman who fishes in deep waters, then this is definitely the type of cheese for you. Because of its characteristic holes, this cheese will keep its shape when placed in water. You can slice it with a knife and serve it just as you would a wedge.


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Gouda is sold with the words “dunked” and “shaped.” This cheese is delicious both when sliced and when served in its tap. Because of its unique design, it looks like it is going to fall out of your wine glass, but it actually stays put and sinks to the bottom.


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Another delicious cheese with holes in it is Camembert. It comes in many different varieties including blue, white and dark cheese. The term Camembert simply means “in the shell.” This cheese has a lot of room to “escape,” so to speak. For this reason, many people serve Camembert with crackers to prevent it from melting.

Monterey Jack

A traditional piece of Monterey jack cheese is smooth with a very mild flavor. Because of this, it is often included in cocktail sauce or other foods that need to have a smooth texture. Because of its smooth and mild flavor, cheese making enthusiasts love this cheese with holes in it.


This is considered one of the classic and most popular kinds of cheese with holes in it. Many of the famous chefs of the past include it on their lists of favorite cheese. This cheese is usually mixed with butter and oftentimes blended to have a smoother consistency.


Provolone is one of the most popular types of cheese with holes in it. Because of the way it is cut, it is easy to insert tiny bits of anything into it and makes for an excellent snack cheese. This cheese is great on just about any dish that you can imagine.

Cheese comes in a variety of different flavors and textures, so you should be able to find a great variety that your guests will love. It is also easy to make your own cheeses so take advantage of the variety of cheeses available that have different flavors from cheese assortments to whole blocks of cheese that can be used as spreads for sandwiches and other foods.


Gouda is an excellent type of cheese with holes in it because it is very versatile. You can use it on just about anything. It is great on sandwiches, hamburgers and steaks, but also is great on cornbread and biscuits, and on just about anything else you want to put cheese on.


This is a very common type of cheese with holes in it. This cheese is used to provide texture and flavor to a number of different dishes. For example, cheddar on a grilled cheese sandwich provides a nice texture to help it melt in your mouth, and it also provides a nice chewy texture. You can also use it in a number of ways such as on whole wheat rolls, crackers, and muffins.


Monterey jack is a unique cheese with holes in it. It is a very mild cheese, which makes it a great cheese to use in a variety of dishes. You can eat it on its own, in stews and soups, on grilled chicken, and in countless other ways.


If you like the taste of Parmesan on your baked potatoes or bread, you will love this cheese. This is another very popular cheese with holes in it. While it is typically served on pizza, you can also get it on grilled chicken, hamburgers, and a variety of other things. As with cheddar, you can eat this cheese on its own, in sauces, and even on crackers.


When you are trying to decide what types of cheese with holes to buy, keep this in mind and you should have no problem coming up with some great options for dinner.

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