Know the Types of Cheese on Pizza

types of cheese on pizza

Do you love the taste of different types of cheese on your pizza? If you love the taste and smell of different types of cheese, but do not want to go through the trouble of making your own pizza crust, then consider making your own pizza cheese. Cheese comes in many different varieties that can be used for making your own pizza crust. The types of cheese that you will find are as follows.

An Overview

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First, there is Mozzarella. Mozzarella is a milk-based cheese made from pasteurized milk and is one of the highest valued cheeses by consumers in Italy and in several other countries. It is also used in cooking because of its creamy texture and versatility. The different types of Mozzarella cheese include: Regular Mozzarella, Double Mozzarella, Single Mozzarella and Colored Mozzarella. You will find this cheese in pizza sauce, ready to add to the pizza or spread on a tortilla pizza.

Second, comes Blue Cheese. This cheese is a hard white powdery cheese that is used to build up the crust of a pizza crust. The different types of Blue Cheese that you will find on the market include: Cheddar Blue cheese, Swiss Blue cheese, American Blue cheese, Gruyere Blue cheese and Roquefort Blue cheese. These cheeses have different attributes including: being very moisture and milk fat-free, have a very mild cheesy flavor, have a high smoke point and keep good bacteria content. You can also use this cheese in salads, soups and stews or mixed with wine.

Varied Types

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There are some types of cheese on pizza that are considered as bottom crusts. Typically, these are low moisture and retain little or no flavor. The different types of cheese on pizza that fit in this category include: Feta, Provolone, Monterey Jack, Parmesan and Stone Ground.

Fourth, we have the most common types of cheese on pizza which are Mozzarella, Romano and Provolone. All of these have their own characteristics and are used in different types of pizza. Mozzarella is the most common type of cheese used on a pizza and is creamy and mild. It has a strong cheese smell, which some people find unpleasant. However, this cheese has a number of advantages as it is very healthy and is a source of protein.

Fifth, there are types of cheese on pizza that are dehydrated and can be found in a number of varieties such as: Asiago, Ricotta, Cheddar, Colby, Gouda, Brick, Blue cheese, Swiss. These types of cheese can be used on any type of crust. When they are melted, they provide a firm and textured crust. These types of cheese on pizza can also be spread on a thin layer of butter on the crust before being baked.

Final Tip

Lastly, we have some exotic types of cheese on pizza. For instance, Greek mozzarella is an exotic cheese. Feta cheese is another popular exotic cheese. Spanish mozzarella is considered to be very mild and is available in two to three different variations. Pecorino is a white and soft cheese that is not too difficult to find in several types of pizzas.


Knowing the different types of cheese on pizza is very important for those who plan to order pizza at a restaurant. By knowing these types of cheese on pizza, you will know what to order when you go to a restaurant. Moreover, you will know how to spread this delicious topping on your own pizza and create your own unique flavor. The right types of cheese on pizza will balance the flavors of toppings and make a great combination for a fun and tasty pizza pie. Cheese on pizza provides a great way to enhance the taste of any kind of pizza. Make sure to try out different types of cheese on pizza and let your imagination run wild!

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