List Of Types Of Cheese To Satiate Your Cheese Hunger

list of types of cheese

Are you a foodie who is looking for a list of types of Cheese? And want to have many kinds of Cheese in your bucket to cook them and have it?

There are various lists of types of Cheese all around the world and are being categorized in several ways. The common way of talking about Cheese is to define its:

Texture: available from soft & semi-soft to hard & semi-firm Cheese.





Type of milk being used: sheep, buffalo, cow, goat

Flavor: sharp, mild, extra sharp

To make Cheese you need three ingredients: live microbial, including rennet, salt, and milk. And as soon as you mix all these three ingredients, the rennet ingredient works by curdling the milk.

Now, let’s learn about the list of types of Cheese that could be beneficial for you while cooking.

List Of Types Of Cheese

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1. Fresh Cheese: List Of Types Of Cheese

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In the list of types of Cheese, fresh Cheese is the most popular one. It is also referred to as “unripened” Cheese because it doesn’t get aged. They are easily spreadable and soft cheeses along with a creamy texture & very mild flavors.

Like other cheeses, you can prepare fresh Cheese using various types of milk, and different amounts of salt, giving your Cheese a unique flavor.

Some popular fresh cheeses are:

Cream Cheese

Cottage Cheese


Queso Fresco



2. Pasta Filata

It refers to Italian stretched-curd Cheese making in Italy. Marinate fresh cheese curds into a boiling water bath & then rotate, knead, or stretched in various other shapes.

The most famous Pasta Filata cheese on the list of types of Cheese is mozzarella. Everyone loves it.

Other famous Pasta Filata cheeses are:


Scamorza affumicata




Queso Oaxaca

3. Soft-Ripened Cheese: List Of Types Of Cheese

Ripen these types of cheeses from the outside. Thus inside may be softer than outside.

The most popular soft-ripened cheeses are Camembert and Brie in the list of types of Cheese. And both the cheeses are from France.

Soft-ripened cheeses are:




4. Semi-Soft Cheese

It mainly focused on texture rather than preparation mechanics. These cheeses are for a short period, basically for months, resulting in a flexible, moist cheese having a creamy consistency.

Semi-soft cheeses are:




Muenster (American)

5. Washed-Rind Cheese: List Of Types Of Cheese

We know this cheese category for the biggest stinkers all over the world. The famous Cheese – Limburger packs a strong fragrance reminiscent of old sneakers.

Washed-rind cheeses are:

Alsatian Munster




Conclusion On List Of Types Of Cheese

These cheeses will make your mouth drooling and tastes superb delicious. Thus we consider them in a list of types of Cheese.

The list of types of Cheese can be beneficial for you if you love to add Cheese to your food and are a real cheese lover!

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