Make Your Mac and Cheese Recipe Easy

mac and cheese recipe easy

There are cheeses you can add, sauces to top off your food and so many ways to make this dish. For those that cannot have this at their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, here are some tips on how to make macaroni and cheese that will not only taste great but be one of the most memorable dishes of the holiday season.

Gather Together Your Supplies

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First, you will need to gather together your supplies. These will include pasta of any variety, cheese, milk, bread crumbs, vegetable oil, non-fat cheddar cheese and mayonnaise. These items can be found in any store that sell food or you can shop at one of the large grocery chains. Of course, you will need to gather your mac and cheese mix because that is what will make the dish.

When making your macaroni and cheese, you will need to create a creamy base sauce. This will be the basis of the mac and cheese dish. You will want to combine cream cheese, milk, lemon juice, chopped vegetables and non-fat cheddar cheese in a bowl. Stir the mixture until completely smooth. Then add the pasta and let the mixture rest for about five minutes.

Add Your Macaroni

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You will next add your macaroni. Preheat the oven and coat the noodles with oil. Place the macaroni on a non-stick pan and pop it into the oven. If need be, place the noodles in the sauce. Allow the sauce to cook for about five minutes. Once done, you can remove them and slice the noodles into pieces.

Next, you will add your cheeses and liquefied cheese in the pot. Add the vegetable chunks and let this mixture boil for about five minutes. When the sauce is ready, you can then add your mac and cheese and serve.

Making Macaroni And Cheese Is Very Simple

However, it does take time and requires ingredients. You can buy these ingredients at any grocery store or natural food store. These products are inexpensive and very easy to make. Once you master making this type of macaroni and cheese, you may even be tempted to make it for your family.

You should also consider serving your macaroni and cheese with some vegetables as well. Tomatoes are great because they are full of nutrients, as well as being a tasty side dish. Carrots are another popular option, and are known for their colorful, bright flavor. Sprinkle some lettuce and fresh herbs onto your macaroni and cheese and serve this on a plate covered with whole grain bread with fresh vegetables.


There is no question that mac and cheese is one of the greatest and simplest homemade recipes out there. In addition to being a great and simple snack or meal, you can also take it as a great present. This is especially true if you have someone that you know that has a particular preference for cheese. You can make a personalized cheese board, for example, which includes all of their favorites and best cheeses of all time. It is just a matter of how creative you want to be and what you have on your kitchen cupboard!

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