Make Your Own Delicious And Easy Cheesecake Recipe

cheese cake recipe

New Yorkers say that no cheese was actually cheese until it was properly named cheesecake. At that time the cheese must have been aged in the caves of that great country which was covered very naturally with penicillium fungi. Cheese was added to wine and the mixture was said to have given the best flavor. The American version of cheesecakes is not named after a specific wine but instead because of the type of cheese used and sometimes because it was imported. The most popular of cheese cakes in America is the New York Style cheesecake.

Americans were not very impressed by this and soon changed the name of cheesecakes to something more appetizing. This way the new consumers could enjoy a slice without the sour taste of Italian cheese. Today, cheese is still added to wine cheesecakes and although the wine is often better, the flavor is still there. Wine cheesecakes are a hit with any group of people who would like to try a new cake.

Buy It From The Store

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You can buy the ingredients and make your own cheese cake at home. Although this may seem like a very tedious task, if you have the time and ingredients, it can be very rewarding. When you buy it from the store it usually comes in a plastic container and you will only have to mix the ingredients together. In the beginning, if you do not use a strong cheese, it will curdle. It is better to use a lower quality cheese that will not curdle.

You will not have to worry about purchasing the ingredients when you make your own New York cheesecake at home. When you go to a store to purchase your ingredients, you may find they have a limited amount. It is up to you to purchase the best cream cheese that you can afford and it is not very expensive. You will want to have a delicious cake that tastes just like the ones you may eat in Italy.

Many Websites Online

You can purchase cheesecake recipes that have already been tested and tried by others. There are many websites online where you can find such recipes. If you search on the internet you should be able to find a cheese cake recipe in just a few minutes. The only difference is, you will be making it yourself, which means you will know exactly what goes into it. If you have never cooked with cream cheese before, you may want to practice a little before you try it with a real dessert.

You may be tempted to skip out and buy a cheesecake recipe book and begin to bake your own. However, this may be a mistake. When you purchase a book you will not have a copy of it that you can test out to make sure the directions are correct. Many cheesecakes do not turn out well if they are baked in the wrong way.


Once you have all the ingredients you need you can start baking and within an hour you will have a cheesecake recipe that will have people coming back for more. If you are worried that the cheese cake recipe you are making is going to be too complicated, you can always look up some of the more popular recipes online. You should have no problem finding the cheese cake recipe that you need in just a few minutes of searching. A cheese cake recipe is easy to make and the taste is out of this world.

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