Mexican Cheese Types That Are A Must-Taste

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Cheese can be said as the way to many people’s hearts. Cheese is used as a topping as well as in the fillings of many of the dishes but it also has earned the respect and reputation to stand on its own. As cheese is tasty and healthy too, it makes people’s mouth water. Mentioned below are some of the Mexican cheese types with their role in the dishes as well as these cheese are must taste:

Most Famous Mexican Cheese Types: Queso Fresco

This is probably the most famous and common cheese in Mexico. This is also called as the freshest cheese and is prepared by the milk of a cow or a combination of the cow and goat’s milk. The cheese gives a salty and sour taste. It could be seen as the toppings in tacos and tortas, etc. Its strong flavor makes it all versatile. It is also used for crumbling on salads and melting in burritos, this is ivory in color, mild in taste, and grainy in texture.

Panela Cheese 

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There is no doubt that this cow milk cheese is one of the most used and loved Mexican cheese types all around the world. This smooth and mild cheese also called Queso canasta or basket cheese is popular because of its ability to turn to blend well with the pastes and sauces. Panela cheese is also served along with the garlic paste and the chili pepper.

Mexican Cheese Type Of Mozzarella Hybrid: Queso Blanco

This pure fresh white-colored cheese is given the name because it is a hybrid cross between the mozzarella cheese and the cottage cheese. Prepared by the skim cow milk, this cheese softens very nicely when it is heated. Because of its softening ability, this cheese is used as the filling or stuffing inside the enchiladas as well as folded into the grain salads.

Queso Cotija 

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This one is called the Parmesan of Mexico as it is in the parmesan family and the reason for its existence is to add the salty and subtle flavor in the dishes as the parmesan does in the pasta. The taste of this cheese is salty and is often compared to the feta cheese. It is also used for sprinkling on most of the Mexican soups, salads, etc.


This is one of the spicy flavored Mexican cheese types. Enchilado can be prepared by a cow or goat milk but cow milk cheese is more common in Mexico. This cheese is usually aged and rolled in paprika to give its thick edges. It is kept for a longer time to make it stronger as well as give its pungent flavor. It could be said similar to the cotija cheese but Enchilado is much more savory and versatile.


 If you are also a fan of cheese, then you must have tried these cheese types and if not then you should definitely try these delicious cheese and also add up into your diet as a taste changer or enhancer and the cheese has a lot of health benefits also, so it will keep you healthy too.

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