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nacho cheese recipe

Have you ever wondered about the nacho cheese recipe? And want to make it for your family at home? Come along with us!

The Nacho cheese recipe is easy to make and tastes much better. Enjoy it on a nachos plate or as a dip.

Nacho cheese sauce is stinkin’ delicious. It is actually a cheese gravy, and there’s no need to not like the dish. It is a good dip with tortilla chips or on a huge plate of nachos.

No Processed Cheese

Cheese Recipe

Nacho cheese sauce made with cheddar cheese is easy and fast to make using real and simple ingredients. Rather than buying a huge block of Velveeta.

Spice It Up!

Cheese Recipe

To begin with, in the nacho cheese recipe, the very first thing you need to make is the nacho cheese sauce. And you can embellish or customize it in various ways.

Try to substitute half of the cheddar along with stirring or a pepper jack in a 4oz. It can be of diced green chillies. Do experiment with the seasonings by just adding cayenne pepper, a pinch of garlic powder, or cumin. Stir in some chopped green onions or Rotel tomatoes.

Tips For The Success Of Cheese Sauce

Here are the tips to assure you of the success of nacho cheese sauce:

1. Remember to cook the flour in butter for about one minute. It will enhance the floury flavour.

2. Make use of medium cheddar for better results because sharp cheddar will break or become easily grainy as compared to medium cheddar.

3. Remove the pot from the stove before stirring. Overheating the sauce if the cheese has been added can seize up the sauce and become thick or/and grainy. If required, use low heat to fully melt the cheese.

4. Make use of a hand shred and block cheese when possible. Pre-shredded cheese contains ample anti-caking powders, leading to a powdery flavour in your nacho cheese recipe.

Nacho Cheese Sauce

The tangy and rich nacho cheese sauce takes only 5 minutes to get prepared and uses simple and real ingredients.

Instructions: Nacho Cheese Recipe

1. Add the flour and butter to the pot. Whisk and he still the flour and butter together until they become foamy and bubbly. Continue to whisk and cook the bubbly mixture for 60 seconds.

2. Whisk the milk into the mixture of butter and flour. Slightly turn the heat and allow the milk to come to simmer with whisking. After reaching a simmer, the mixture will become thick. Turn off the flame if it’s become thick enough to coat a spoon.

3. Stir the shredded cheddar at a time until it gets melted into a sauce. And if needed, put the pot over a flame to melt the cheese.

The most important part of the nacho cheese recipe is that you should not overheat the cheese sauce.

4. Once the cheese is melted into the sauce, add chilli powder and salt and stir it well.

Finally, taste and add the seasoning as required.

Keep in mind that if the sauce becomes thick, whisk in an add-on splash of milk.

Conclusion On Nacho Cheese Recipe

The nacho cheese recipe is mouth-watering when you taste it. So try to make it at your home for your friends and family and let its taste touch your soul!

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