Popular Types of Cheese

types of cheese

When it comes to the world of wine and cheese, the types of cheese you eat can affect the wine’s taste. For example, those who prefer soft cheeses like brie and camembert will probably find that the stronger varieties like brie come out of France. Those who prefer a harder cheese, such as parmesan or Romano, might find that the softer cheese types come from Italy or Switzerland. It’s almost like a language barrier – with each country having different types of cheese to offer.

What’s the key point, then? It’s fat. Different cheeses have different fat content, which can make a big difference when you’re trying to count calories. So what are the different types of fat in your favorite cheese?

Mozzarella Cheese

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First, let’s start with one of the most popular cheeses: Mozzarella cheese. This is probably the most widely processed cheese on the market and the most popular type of cheese to consume regularly. This cheese has some nutritional value – though only in very small amounts. It contains calcium and potassium, as well as low amounts of vitamin A and phosphorus. The good thing about this cheese is that its fat content is only about 3% – less than half of milk.

Parmesan Cheese


Next up is the Parmesan cheese. This cheese has a creamy texture that makes it extremely tasty but is also high in calories. The best brands of Parmesan cheese have less than fifteen calories per serving, making it a good snack choice. If you enjoy other creamy texture cheeses such as Stilton or Gouda, this will be a disappointment.

Cheddar Cheese

Next is the Italian cheese: Cheddar. This is a very soft, cheddar-like cheese. Many people confuse this with other kinds of Cheddar because of its pleasant flavor. It has a mild, mellow flavor that is almost fruity, with a slightly tangy aftertaste. The more aged a piece of Cheddar is, the harder and creamier it becomes, while younger pieces retain more grassy flavor.

Swiss Cheese

Next is the traditional Swiss cheese: Caraway, more commonly known as “caraway cheese” in English. Caraway is a yellowish or whitish colored fat cheese rich, straw-colored, and usually has a slightly waxy texture. This is a very popular type of cheese used to make jellies, sauces, soups, and stews.

Gruyere Cheese

One of the most popular kinds of cheeses around is Gruyere, a yellowish-green cheese that is mild in taste and has a strong aroma. This cheese is named for Gruyere’s town in Belgium, where the tradition of making this cheese began in the 15th century. This cheese comes from the stomach of Gruyere cows, giving it its unmistakable yellow color. This is the best cheese for baking bread, cheeses stuffed with vegetables, and anything else that needs a sturdy base. It is also commonly used to make beer cheese and a popular ingredient in tomato paste, soups, stews, and other sauces.

Soft Buttery Variety Cheese

The third type of cheese you will find mentioned is the soft buttery variety. These are mild, low-fat, and widely available in most supermarkets. This is the key point of a good spread for pizzas, biscuits, and cornbread. It is a good alternative to butter if you are trying to cut back on calories and fat. Be careful, however, do not get too much of this cheese because it melts rather easily. It is a good option if you are looking for a creamy, low-fat alternative to butter.

One of the most popular choices for spreads is pecorino romano. This is the “traditional” style cheese, often used in Roman pizza or Neapolitan pizza. It is made using rennet, or milk derived from sheep that is converted into cheese, which provides a soft, smooth, rich taste that pairs well with vegetables, meats, and just about anything else.

Sot Cheddar Cheese

Another popular type of cheese is the soft cheddar cheese. It is often used in dips or as a spread, such as on nachos. This cheese has a smooth texture and a mild, pleasant flavor. Unlike the previously mentioned cheeses, this one has a higher fat content, approximately 25 percent, although the fat is mostly removed during the processing process. You will often find this cheese mixed in with other ingredients to create a very similar spread like mozzarella, but it also has a lower fat content.

New England Style Cheese

Perhaps the most popular cheese on the market today is the New England style cheese. This is a hard cheese that is full of flavor and offers vary among makers. There are hundreds of different flavors, although the standard variety is a sharp, dry taste with a relatively large amount of fat. This makes this cheese a good candidate for breading and other recipes that need to have some firm, tough texture. For example, you may want to use it to create patties, or you may want to top some grilled chicken dishes with it to create a nice texture and buttery flavor. Blue Stilton is particularly popular as a breaded chicken recipe ingredient because it has a sweet flavor that goes great with lighter flavor poultry.

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