Soft White Cheese Types- Know The Varieties

soft white cheese types

White Cheese is a type of milk-based fermented food. And everybody consumes the thing. And Cheese is also in pizza. And the Cheese is of 400 varieties. And they are made using different technology, specific starters, and variety. But each Cheese has a similar principle in which the proteins of milk are coagulating—then separating the cured of the liquid whey.

Types Of Soft White Cheese-

A piece of bread on a cutting board

Mozzarella Cheese-

A piece of bread on a cutting board

Mozzarella is a very popular cheese. And it is found all over the world. And it is also used in Pizza, sandwiches, Pasta, and Vegetables.

Parmesan Cheese-

Parmesan cheese is used a lot nowadays and comes to be heard a lot. Mostly it is used to give flavor like it is used in pasta and in vegetables.

Ricotta Cheese-

Ricotta cheese is a very smooth thing. And it is used in Cucumber salad.

Feta Cheese-

This Cheese is a little salty Cheese and is used in vegetables. And nowadays it is everyone’s favorite. It is also used in pizza.

Blue Veined Cheese

Blue Veined cheese It is called blue Cheese. It consists of green and black spots. And it is also used a lot these days.

Cheddar Cheese-

This Cheese is salty, smooth, and creamy. And it is used in sandwiches.

Gouda Cheese-

This is the structure of the semicircle of this thing, and it is also used in India.

Cottage Cheese-

It is a very rich protein cheese. And its usage in India is very high. Its fritters are very good.

Chevre Cheese-

It is made from goat milk and is also used for diet. And it contains potassium. This Cheese is used in cakes, snacks, drinks.

Halloumi Cheese-

It is used in gravy and fried foods.

Kalari Cheese-

Kalari cheese is also called Kashmiri cheese. And this level is found in Kashmir.

The Texture Of Cheese-

Soft Cheese –

Soft Cheese moisturized content of 45 -75%. And its moisturizing content is very high. And the fat content of soft Cheese is 40. The texture of soft Cheese is white, spreadable, and soft. Soft cheeses have a life of a few days. It does not go on for a long time, and it worsens.

Semi-Hard Cheese-

 The Moisture content of semi-hard Cheese is up to 35–55%. And its fat content is 35. The texture of semi-hard Cheese is firm, crumbly; it is not very soft and breaks very quickly. And its self-life is of a few months. And you can store it till the months.

Hard Cheese-

 The Moisture content of hard Cheese is up to 30 -40%. And, its fat content is 30. Its texture can be very firm, dense, and sometimes granny. It has a self-life more than one year.

Conclusion –

  There are plenty of contradictory types of cheeses, and the milk used varies from cow’s milk to yak’s milk. Their relish varies from sugared to bitter and anywhere in between. From herders to present-day machinery, technology has elevated the putting together of Cheese appreciably, but it has also kept it the one and the same.

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