Preparing The Cheese Rice

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Cheese rice is a unique combination. And why won’t it be? Both cheese and rice are some delicacies. We can take any curry or gravy and have both this item. Therefore, the idea to make these two into a single item is excellent. Moreover, the result makes a unique side dish. However, one can even take the preparation as an idea for a snack.

People’s mind remains imaginative all the time. Therefore, they made a lot of recipes out of these two items. There is the simple basic rice and cheese preparation. The other number is a recipe such as Risotto. Well, we also have a bit complicated recipe, such as the tasty cheese casserole. Chefs get the accessibility of replacing and substituting the ingredients. This way, the recipes are having variation. Moreover, this enhances the taste and flavor of the dishes. Hence, let us take a look at the simple cheese and rice recipe.


Cheese Rice: Ingredients To Follow:

  1. Around two and a half cup of stock.
  2. About 1 cup of rice.
  3. One cup of grated cheese.
  4.  1. 25 grams of pepper.
  5. An amount of salt to taste.

Now let us have a quick glance at the steps to prepare the simple basic cheese rice:


The Direction To Follow The Cheese Rice-

  1. The first step in this yummy preparation is to heat the stock in a large pot. Then, heat the stock into the medium range. However, one can have plain water for this recipe. Or you can even go for vegetables, mushrooms, turkey, beef or chicken stock.
  2. The next step is cooking the rice. Add the rice into the pot. Place the heat in the medium range. Wait till the rice is boiling, and then decrease the heat to the low range. Cook the rice some extra 18-20 minutes.

* The best quality of rice for preparing this dish is Arborio.

* You don’t have to wait for the stock to boil before pouring the rice in the pot.

  1. The third step is to go for the cheese. Try using the grater for grating the cheese. However, if you do not have a grater, you can cut the cheese into cubes. The primary notion is to keep the cubes small in size to get a smooth meltdown.

* The cheese can be of your liking.

  1. The last step is mixing up all the ingredients. For that, you need to add the grated cheese to the rice. However, you need to add it when the rice is fully ready, and then stir the cheese. Continue till the cheese melts down. Add pepper and salt for taste before serving. Moreover, you can even add parsley for having some extra flavor to the dish.
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