Southern-Style Soul Food Mac and Cheese

soul food mac and cheese

Most people’s favourite side dish is undoubtedly Southern-style baked soul food mac and cheese. I hope so because you have always enjoyed it. You also want the different lobster, breadcrumb, and other mac and cheese preparations. You have attended a few catered gatherings with a mac and cheese bar, and I think this is a fantastic concept. This is a popular holiday recipe, so it is packed with cheese and other goodies. As a result, this dish departs from the usual guilt-free Stay Snatched fare.

What Cheese Makes the Best Mac and Cheese?

Mac and Cheese

This recipe was created for your family’s Christmas feast. 4-5 different types of cheese are used. You frequently use gouda and alternate between gouda and pecorino romano for no apparent reason. If you like gouda, I hope so. You can eat just about any cheese. Feel free to use any cheese you choose.

How Do You Make Southern Mac and Cheese?

Mac and Cheese

Traditional, homestyle, baked, soul food mac and cheese can be prepared in various ways (however you want to describe baked mac and cheese).

If you are anything like me, you despise watery mac and cheese with too much liquid. You dislike macaroni and cheese that is dry and lacks a cheesy feel. Your selected dish is topped with a crunchy crust and filled with cheesy delight. Grate the entire block of cheese. This is my favourite step! Muenster should be cut into small parts. You do this because it is more difficult to grate.

How Do You Make Baked Mac and Cheese Creamy?

In a pot, melt the butter first. To make a slurry, mix in the flour. Add the milk and half of the cheeses once the flour has been thoroughly combined. Stir until the cheese is completely melted.

Layers upon layers upon layers upon layers upon layers upon layers upon layers upon layers upon layers onto The use of layers is crucial in this case. The macaroni will be added first, followed by the shredded cheese, for a tremendous explosion of cheese in every bite. Preparing a lasagna is comparable to this.

This dish is typically served to large groups of family members during the holidays. You wanted to see if my recipe could be divided in half and still serve a smaller gathering. Yes, it does! The outcomes of utilising half of the components listed below are seen in the photographs below. You proceeded in the same manner as before.

Do You Put Eggs In Macaroni And Cheese?

The mac and cheese will be less creamy on the inside if you add an egg. To bond, eggs are utilised. Use eggs if you want your mac and cheese to be more like a casserole and less creamy.


Baked dishes were poised to become part of the soul food mac and cheese menu once the fundamental ingredients of pasta and cheese became cheap to lower-income black families. The baked dishes can have a lot of taste and are best served as a side dish for a special occasion or Sunday dinner. When it comes to packaged mac and cheese, or Kraft Dinner as it’s known in the United States, Canadians consume 55 percent more each year than Americans. Canadians buy 1.7 million of the 7 million boxes sold every week around the world.

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