The Mind-Boggling Taste Of Korean Fried Cheese

korean fried cheese

If you are completely in love with fast food, you will not want to miss out on the fantastic taste of Korean fried cheese. Korean hot dogs are amazing to taste, and you can literally fry these cheese sticks to dissolve your cravings. Right now, it is one of the trending things in the US, and it is also easy to make at home. So why should you not try it instead of buying them at high prices? It is always essential to get the right kind of cheese if you want to make it. Even if you are a total novice, this is the perfect guide that will help you.

Brief Overview

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In order to make the Korean street food at home, you can make it within 30 minutes, and it will help you to solve three to five people. You can choose the topics of your own choice, and it will incorporate options like bread crumbs, french fries, and ramen noodles. You can team it up with ketchup and mayonnaise, and the taste will be mind-boggling. Indeed, this specific dish is not as healthy as the other Korean dishes, but the taste will be excellent in the end. It is one of the best options that you can try out if you are hosting a party. 

Ways To Make The Fried Cheese

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In order to make the Korean fried cheese, you can put the hot dog and mozzarella cheese together. Please wrap the cheese around The hot dog and put the entire thing in a skewer. Then you have to put it inside a flour egg mixture and bread crumbs. After that, you should place it inside deep-fried oil. Now you need mayonnaise and ketchup sauce, and the dish will be complete. 

Why This Is The Best Recipe

This kind of hot dog is way better than the American version because it is pretty cheesy. It would be best if you made it with mozzarella cheese so that the taste is optimum. The output is quite delicious, and the best thing will be to try it with honey mustard sauce or mayonnaise.

Add breadcrumbs to the recipe, and it will become even more crispy than the average corn dog that you can get. Last but not least, it is a combination of various kinds of taste and therefore it is way better than any kind of corn dog that you have tried before. 

For this droolsome recipe, you will only need a very few essential ingredients. For example, you will need hot dogs, eggs, mozzarella cheese, salt, flour, yeast, milk, and bread crumbs. You can get them at the nearest departmental store and add the dressing of your own choice. The only thing you have to do is to be careful while making the batter so that the paste has a proper consistency. 


It is always easy for you to make Korean fried cheese, and you have to follow the instructions carefully. So what are you waiting for when you can make this delicious dish at home?

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