Types Of Cheese Used For

What Are Different Types Of Cheese Used For

People say wine, friend, and cheese are better when old. The pungent and stingy cheese is mouthwatering. While some cheese tastes heavenly when you add them in cooking, some taste delicious in their raw form. Hence you should know that there are different types of cheese available in the market. Look, taste, smell, and usage – each variety is diverse.

What Are Different Types Of Cheese Used For
What Are Different Types Of Cheese Used For

Types Of Cheese – Mozzarella

Made from buffalo milk, this cheese is the specialty of Italy. It needs no aging. You can have them fresh or old. In both ways, it tastes delicious. Pizzas without mozzarella are unthinkable.


If you are looking for a cheese that is preferred all across the globe, it has to be Parmigiano-Reggiano or simply the parmesan. Italy is world-famous for producing this nutty-flavored cheese that needs aging of 18 months to 36 months. The high amount of calcium and low calories are a feather on the cap. Due to its lusciousness, you can use it in rice, pasta or as the ideal accompaniment with your drinks.


Italy made this sponge-like cheese for the first time, which has 48% fat. Its aging requires a minimum of ten weeks. The manufacturers wash it with seawater so that fungus does not affect it. It has a subtle taste and fruity flavor. However, most of the people stay away from it due to its piquant smell. Italian Nebbiolo wine is the excellent companion of this delicious cheese.

Types Of Cheese – Cheddar

England is the maker of this delicious cheese that melts in your mouth. It needs aging of nine months to two years depending on the climate and also the temperature of the region. As it comes without any patent, any country can make this cheddar cheese. It is of three colors – white, yellow and dark orange.


Feta cheese is the specialty of Greece. Prepared from goat’s milk, it has pliable texture. But, some varieties are quite crumbly. Pure feta cheese is produced in Macedonia, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Lesvos as well as Thrace, and Central Mainland. If any other regions of Greece produce it, then they will call it as white cheese. It needs aging for around two months.

What Are Different Types Of Cheese Used For
What Are Different Types Of Cheese Used For


The Netherlands was the first producer of this exotic cheese. Made from pasteurized cow milk, it is creamy as well as smooth. Overjarig, Boerenkaas, and Graskaas are some of its popular varieties. Consume the young Gouda with a glass of beer while mature Gouda with wine. Over 50% of the world population, consume this particular cheese daily owing to its taste.

Types Of Cheese – Cotija

Perfect for garnishing, this Mexican cheese is crumbly and salty. Though the fresh variety is mush, with time, it becomes harder. It needs at least three months and a maximum of 12 months of aging.


With the multilayered aroma and utter richness, this cheese of France is immensely popular all around the globe. Around five months is essential for the aging of this French cheese.

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are many others like manchego, camembert, emmental, Monterey jack, Gorgonzola, mascarpone, etc.

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