Your Cheese Fan friends Will Love You If You Give Them a Variety

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Among the various types of food prepared by many Indian cultures, the Indian-inspired snack known as sandwich cheese is one of the most popular and widely consumed varieties. Meant for sharing among family and friends, this snack is an unrivaled delicacy that serves to enhance the flavor and nutritional value of any meal or snack. Savory and cheesy, this snack is as popular in India as it is in continental and European countries.

An Overview

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Available in a wide variety of flavours and variations, a freshly made sandwich cheese toastie can prove to be a welcome respite from monotonous fast food and more often, monotonous calorie-rich snacks. Served with crackers and samosas, this is an equally favorite delicacy on many occasions including festivals such as Diwali and Holi. A Mumbai-based chef, Punjabi Bhel Puri, was so inspired by the versatility of the ingredients used in preparing this popular delicacy that he decided to open his own catering business. Now renowned for his hot and spicy Indian samosa and other hot and spicy snacks, a vegetarian version of the famous chef arm is now also available.

Another very popular variation of this favorite is the “cheese pocket taste”. Although the name sounds as if it is a savoury sandwich, this type of bread is actually light and contains filling between the bread slices. It is usually served with pachadi or roti or even plain naan, which is a type of rice cooked on a low-fat grill. The most popular fillings include mango pickle, paprika-loaded marinated egg, cancer or shaat pori and butter.

Various Types

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“Fried Bread” is another favourite cheese pocket. This is a thick, fluffy bread that is deep-fried. A popular topping is the chicken or beef ketchup. Sometimes the bread is decorated with mangoes, chopped onions and shaat pori (chives). It is best eaten with pachadi or roti or plain rice.

If you are a true connoisseur of Indian cuisine, you must try “Chow” which is a special preparation made with tender chunks of meat. Often spiced and flavoured with cashews, these chunks of meat are cooked in a gravy of spices. An extremely delicious and mouthwatering snack to be shared with family and friends. A popular breakfast option and favourite in the South. “Chow” is also available in different variations such as “Chow mein sandwich” and “Chow mein slaw”.

The “Bread Monster” is a new entry in the world of sandwich cheese types. Made from cheddar, Monterey jack and Swiss, these little gems are very popular in restaurants all over the world. “Bread Monster” comes in varied flavours, with Colby cheese and cheddar as its most popular variants. A popular sandwich cheese type, these melt in your mouth gems are perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Best Dishes

As mentioned above are a variety of sandwich cheeses available in Indian and International cuisine. One of the most common choices is “Achaar” which translates as small dice of cheese, available in several varieties. This type of cheese is mostly used to make Samosas and other street food based snacks. “Roti” in Urdu means round or fat. It is a mixture of milk and spices, ground and mixed into paste to form a flat dish of white fat, almost like a rice pancake.

All the four sandwiches mentioned above are popular worldwide. So if you’re planning on starting your own sandwich business, get familiar with some of the most popular cheese types. Your customers will be happy to see you offering cheese platters on your menu.

Best Tips

If you’re still not sure about which cheese to offer, you can always have a little fun with your customers by allowing them to choose their favourite types at the store. You can give them bags or boxes stuffed with their favourite brands. You can also let them select from a basket of different cheeses. Make sure to stock up on this stuffy cheese; it’s one of the most popular purchases at the store!

It’s also a good idea to offer your customers a selection of cheese types from around the world. You might like to do this because not everyone has the same favourite cheese types. You can also take this opportunity to promote your brand and let your customers feel that you’re open to all kinds of international options. Just remember to have fun with it. This is also a chance to learn more about your customer and find out more about what makes them tick.


A wide selection of sandwiches can make for a great celebration. Let your cheese fan friends choose from their favourite type of sandwich, and help them celebrate their love of cheese. You’ll see how great it feels when they share your love of cheese types with you!

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